Mining & Minerals

Jackson, Sjoberg, LLP represents client interests in transactional, administrative, regulatory, litigation, appellate, and legislative matters related to hard minerals such as coal, lignite, and uranium, and their mining. We have significant
experience involving the following matters:

  • Lease negotiations on behalf of both mineral owners and mining companies.
  • Real estate acquisition in contemplation of mining and mine related operations.
  • Title examination.
  • Assisting clients in the development of long-term mine plans, including restoration
    and reclamation activities.
  • Litigating disputes involving landowners, land titles, leases and royalties, operating
    agreements, conflicts between competing mineral owners, and appeals from Railroad
    Commission of Texas decisions.
  • Appearing before the Railroad Commission of Texas in matters involving permits
    and permit renewals, development of reclamation plans, bonding, and conflicts
    between competing oil and gas and mining interests.
  • Appearing before the Texas General Land Office and in hearings before the State
    Office of Administrative Hearings .
  • Development of infrastructure, including treatment and disposal facilities and for oil
    and gas and mining waste.
  • Rulemaking proceedings at the Railroad Commission of Texas.
  • Monitoring, analyzing and drafting legislation related to mining and mineral
    development and production.
  • Working with local (Counties) and State officials on road relocations to
    accommodate mining operations.
  • Working with oil and gas operators, utilities and pipelines to relocate facilities to
    accommodate mining operations.
  • Relocating cemeteries.
  • Working with railroads to relocate rail lines, and/or construct rail spurs, to
    accommodate mining operations.
  • Working with experts and consultants on all aspects of permitting, including
    evaluation of client obligations under the National Environmental Policy Act and the
    preparation of an environmental assessment and/or an environmental impact